Get Lit Selfie Light

Turn your cell phone into a perfectly lit photo studio! The GLAMMY Selfie light gently clips onto most phones and phone cases for on-the-go photos and DIY videos. Features 3 light settings-high, medium and low. Rechargeable design includes a micro-USB cable for added convenience. Get your glow on and show the world the way you were meant to be seen.
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GLAMMY Get Lit Selfie Light

Turn up your selfie game with our exclusive selfie light! Say goodbye to poorly lit images and capture your beautiful self the way you know you look.  Now you can get that perfect selfie, or simply give a dark surrounding an extra boost of brightness. Easily attaches to your phone and has 3 light levels. So, you can get just the right amount of brightness without washing you out. Also comes with a USB charging cord and keeps a charge for up to 5 hours.

Why use a ring light?

When used in photography, it creates an attractive catchlight on a subject's eyes while emitting even, diffused lighting that helps eliminate shadows. It is usually positioned in front of the subject, with the camera situated in the middle of the ring.

The best selfie light

This is the best ring light in 2019.  It is small yet supplies ample illumination. Clip-on attachment with USB Rechargeable feature and fits all smartphones securely.

Light your videos like a Youtuber without breaking the bank

Some lights can be in a price range of $200 plus. These types of lights are extremely popular with beauty gurus and makeup vloggers because of how well they illuminate your face.  The GLAMMY Get Lit Selfie LIght will offer the same illumination and you can get it at a fraction of the cost.
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